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Mon, Apr 17, 2017
Duration: 1 hr 1 mins 31 secs
Larry Tomczak For almost 40 years this collection of Biblical declarations have been helping believers understand who they are in Christ and enjoy the strength, victory, and wholeness that God wants for us.
Mon, Apr 17, 2017
Duration: 51 mins 47 secs
Ray Comfort This message will inspire and equip every Christian to fulfill the Great Commission.
Mon, Apr 17, 2017
Duration: 55 mins 34 secs
Stan Telchin This Jewish man felt betrayed by his daughter when she came to know Jesus as the Messiah. In his effort to prove her wrong, he made some amazing discoveries.
Mon, Apr 17, 2017
Duration: 57 mins 50 secs
Moni Erfan This simple message, presented by a converted Muslim, is leading thousands of Muslims to Christ.
Mon, Apr 17, 2017
Duration: 1 hr 18 mins 25 secs
Buddy Farris This police officer was hit by a speeding motorist and left for dead. As he was being brought to the morgue, he came back to life. On this recording, he shares his amazing life-after-death experience.
Mon, Apr 17, 2017
Duration: 49 mins 38 secs
Hugh Ross As an atheist, this scientist was committed to prove every "holy book" in the world to be a fraud. He discovered scientific and/or historical nonsense in every one of them, except the Bible. In this recording, he reveals why the Bible is trustworthy.
Mon, Apr 17, 2017
Duration: 35 mins 52 secs
Chuck Colson Once the youngest Administrative Assistant on Capitol Hill, Charles Colson went on to become Special Counsel to President Richard Nixon. The former success-driven presidential aide tells how his prison term for a Watergate offense changed his life.
Mon, Apr 17, 2017
Duration: 36 mins 31 secs
Joni Eareckson Tada A diving accident in 1967 left Joni a quadriplegic in a wheelchair. Today, she is an internationally known mouth artist, vocalist, radio host, author, and advocate for disabled persons. Hear how Joni struggled to accept God's design in her paralysis.
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